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Feedback from the Community

On behalf of the Council of Indian Organizations (“CIO”), I would like to thank the members of the community for the excellent feedback they have provided us regarding the CIO award ceremony and the Visa Camp conducted by the Consul General of India, NY.


From: Aayush & Chandana Asthana

To: Sri Sagaram, President, Council of Indian Organizations in Greater Philadelphia (CIO), Philadelphia, PA

Dear Mr. Sagaram,

We would like to compliment you on organizing a great program on Saturday, February 3, 2018.  As proud parents of the recipient of the Outstanding Young Achiever Award, we feel the event exemplifies the words of one of the presenters–CIO brings India together, i.e. Indian-origin folks from diverse communities at the event, as is evident in India’s multi-cultural makeup.  Bringing all 23 organizations under the same roof is no small feat – in doing so, the umbrella organization also gives the Indian community a unified `face’ that the majority community leaders can recognize and interact with us as a group.  The guests including the Mayor of Bensalem, PA State Representative, and the Congressman from PA certainly voiced their belief in the community’s intrinsic strength in contributing to American society and that is extremely important to remember as it again showcases CIO’s success as an organization.

Recognizing adults and children who have rendered notable and significant service to the Indian community cause is another wonderful aspect of this event and makes the community aware of achievements recognized in a democratic fashion by leaders of the CIO and its’ membership.

We look forward to seeing the organization grow in strength with the active participation of service organizations in the tri-state area.


Aayush & Chandana Asthana


Feedback regarding the Visa Camp

Dear Mr. Sri Sagaram

Today, my wife and I made 100 mile trip to this Camp (Wyndham, Bucks County) with a lot of apprehension and skepticism. These doubts were primarily from the thoughts that the task at hand may not be done or it will end up incomplete on my part.

I just wanted to get Indian Visa along with renunciation of my Indian Citizenship.

Not only I had copies of all of pertinent documents with me but I also brought a printer with me to make sure there were no issues that will hold me back from my goal.

I was at the Camp because  I was unable to resolve the name change and renunciation through the CKGS website portal.

My wife and I cannot thank you enough for arranging this Camp. It has been a great resource for folks like me who has deviations from standard application requirements.

The folks who were managing the event, the folks who were volunteering and the folks that were at the head of this event were going out of their way to accommodate people like me to get the tasks accomplished. They were calm, and great listeners to the issues we faced during the application process.

Having this Camp was a great and a superb idea. Thank you again and all the folks (I do not recall any names) who helped through the process. A special thanks to you Mr Sagaram for showing me the way to the Camp floor within the Hotel and being so inviting to this event.

Now I will be awaiting my passport to return with the visa page on it.


Anwar & Liz Master


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